Paper submission

DEADLINE: 11 June 2023.

Papers to be submitted to <>

By the end of June, you will then receive another participant’s paper to which you will be expected to respond during the appointed session. The conference format consists of 10-minute paper summaries by authors, followed by a response from the nominated participant and a general discussion.

Part of the conference will include an Early Career Research and Career Building session with Dr Deirdre Flynn, Dr Petra Johana Poncarová and Prof Ondřej Pilný. To make this session as useful for participants as possible, we kindly ask you to fill in the following Google form, to gauge topics to be addressed, also by June 11th. This form is anonymous.

All participants of the conference must be EFACIS members. To become an EFACIS member, please contact the EFACIS coordinator at <>.

There is no registration fee for the conference.